Helping you to Live Life on Purpose Mindfully to achieve
wellbeing , health and happiness for your
Mind, Body, and Soul.

  Hi, I'm  Paula Rose,  


You’ve just linked with others who are on a mission (just like you)

to improve their lives through mindfulness.

Here I  share encouragement, tips, and ideas

for a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Being a health buff, I use many products to improve my bodily and mental health, so I have listed some of them for you to try from my shop. I suffer from arthritis and found the compression gloves a great relief.  To find the shop click on the top menu. 

I also provide links to mind puzzles and colour therapy to

enhance your mind, and help relieve stress- click on shop then books.

I love to help you to design your lifestyle

so you can enjoy a holistic life that supports your mind,

body, and spiritual health and well-being, so check out my blog, books and course.


Here at Montrose Mindfulness, you will learn how to care for your wellbeing and to an independent, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Please contact me with any questions or enquires.


For Paula's books


(also available in the USA and Australia)

📚Psalm 23 Unwrapped: Hope in difficult times


📚Nothing Good about Grief: From grief to recovery



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