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#109- 3 Tips Amazing on how to make super-fast decisions.

Mindfulness Living can help with every stage of difficult decision-making by pulling us into the present moment and distancing ourselves from old habits and expectations. Search for my past blog post to learn the mindfulness technique when facing having to make super fast decisions .

I remember when a small child asking my mother- “mummy, how do I make decisions?” My mother thought for a while, then replied, “I don’t know – you just make them.” This worried me because I desperately wanted to know ‘how’. It took me into adulthood when I slowly began to understand the process of decision making. My last blog post was the introduction to this post so be sure to read that. Hard Stuff It is not always easy to make decisions. We have to make them each, and every day whether you’re deciding what to eat for dinner or whether or not to take on a new project, you’re challenged with making loads of decisions. Some we do automatically, while others are a product of serious reflection and thought. However, what happens when we have to make them quickly? How do I know that I am making the right decision and not just a knee jerk reaction? Practicing mindfulness can help with making quick decisions by helping

you to become aware of decisions as they arise

  • Reminds us of our deeper purpose and goals

  • Encourages us to take the time to act by our values

  • Pulls us into the moment, so we don’t get caught up in knee jerk reactions, bad habits and expectations from the past

  • Brings our attention to what’s really important.

  • Helps us act despite uncertainty

  • Invites us to thoughtfully balance intuition with logic

Three Tips Tip 1- Don’t second guess- make fast decisions based on the information you have. What information have you available to you? Make your decision based on that.

Tip 2- Go with your gut- what are you feeling? Trust yourself, and what option feels right to you? Are you swayed towards one more than the other? What’ vibes’ are you getting from the option you are leaning toward? Make your decision based on that.

Tip 3- Consider your past experience of the option in front of you. Or is there anyone else who has a similar experience with this? For example, did you make a quick choice that turned out okay? If yes- you might choose a similar option. Alternatively, if things didn’t work out, consider doing things differently this time to get a better result. I hope you've enjoyed this blog. Please come back here as I post regularly. Within the next few months, I will be starting a brand-new YouTube channel about personal growth and lifestyle design through mindful living.

Check out my menu bar above; there, you'll find the online courses about mindfulness masterclass that will help you begin your mindfulness journey. Remember grow to be the special person you are, Your Best Life is Yet to Come! Thank you for visiting me here, and we hope to see you soon.


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