#22 Wellness: How does your health and wellbeing improve with a Mindfulness lifestyle?

Take it from me, a Mindfulness Lifestyle can benefit your health and wellbeing.

But, you may be asking, 'What Is Mindfulness?' There are many interpretations out there, but on a scientific level, mindfulness is a state of deliberate, purposeful, non-judgmental focus on the present moment. Mindfulness techniques help you to enter meditation and prayer. Mindfulness also includes the following factors:

Awareness – this is not always an easy thing to do. Many of us mindlessly go through our day, not taking much notice of anything except getting to the next thing. Those that Awareness does not come naturally will need to learn the skills to become self-aware. But, I'm telling you it's worth it! Mindfulness is about appreciating the present moment, including sights, sounds, smells, or physical sensations you usually ignore. To appreciate what's around you, how you feel, what you think, you need to become 'aware. If you are finding this difficult to learn, contact me to set up a time to chat about how I can coach you through that so you, too, can live a mindful lifestyle.

Focus: Paying attention to the present moment, think about the NOW without thinking about past or future events!

Acceptance: Relax and accept whatever you might be feeling or thinking, without judging it or trying to change it or analyse your reactions.

Observation: Recognise any unpleasant sensations, thoughts, or feelings as temporary and transitory, see them objectively without responding or reasoning. Mindfulness has been studied scientifically for many years. Recent research has found many benefits to physical and mental health. Some benefits include:

Improves mood – Hands up those who don't want to be want to be happy! Mindfulness training may reduce depression and anxiety. One study found that mindfulness was as effective as antidepressant medications in preventing a depression relapse- WOW, every reason to have a go!

Reduces stress and its consequences – Mindfulness is a drug-free solution that can lead to less intense stress reactions. The health benefits are the lowering of your blood pressure and strengthening your immune system.

Improves coping with pain –People with chronic pain who practise mindfulness meditation report less severe pain and pain-related distress and become more active. I can attest to this for sure- it works; that's why I am sharing it with you!

Improves brain function –A mindfulness lifestyle helps build your ability to pay attention and focus. Over time, this training can sharpen memory and improve mental performance, and we all want this, don't we?

If this post were helpful to you, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me if you need support or share any thoughts; we are on this journey together through life. I look forward to your next visit here, and remember- Thank you for visiting me here and being part of this new community! Moon Rose Mindfulness for those who love to learn how to create an independent, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle.

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