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#27 How your Mindset can give you good Health and Well Being- my story

Since having the COVID19 vaccination over six months ago, I've had things changed dramatically in my health. I have been out of sorts for at least three months, constantly feeling weak and tired with losing appetite, and I lost a lot of weight. I also had a rash on the upper part of my body that no number of creams could get rid of. The doctor told me I had a severe reaction because my immune system was so strong that it fought the effects of the vaccine, and my body violently reacted. I am pleased about my strong immune system as medical professionals have informed me of this in the past. However, when one is suffering, it is of little consolation!

Just Getting Old? Now six months on, the rash is nearly gone; just a tiny patch remains. The problem is that it also left me with terrible shooting nerve pains in my legs, arms, hips and in my shoulders. This has stopped me from working at a pace which I am accustomed to. I also, during this time, stopped doing my daily workout because it was just too painful to do so. On sharing with friends and the medical profession, the feedback I received was all similar. They all agreed that now I am over 65, I should expect aches and pains and things to go wrong with my body. Ordinary painkillers did not touch the pain, so I went for something far more potent.

I'm not a medication person and have never been. Unfortunately, strong painkillers taken long term can mess with ones' kidneys and liver, etc., and I undoubtedly didn't want to go that route. Then when the fourth person chimed in with this mantra about getting old, I made a decisive decision that I didn't want to live the rest of my life with this painful condition.

I have always been a fan of holistic health which is about good eating, a good mindset, and exercising regularly, and faith. My faith has kept me going because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and as I appropriate that truth; I find that to be so.

I got quite irate when even my own mind told me ‘you’re getting old’ and said, “no, I'm not going to be living like this anymore, I've had enough! I knew I needed to change my mind-set. After all, by God’s grace, I could be living for another 20 to 30 years on this planet, so there's NO WAY I will be living with this pain for that long! So, to begin to change my mind-set I said out loud- "this pain is no mine- it does not belong to me!" Importantly, I prayed, and I asked God to help me gather ideas of what to do. My Mind Workout I knew if I wanted to change my mind set, I had to first change what I was putting in there. I got the idea to consistently listen to many audiobooks on YouTube, which is absolutely free, to help me to change my mindset. The topics I choose reminded me about our minds, how thoughts affect us profoundly and how having a healthy mindset makes for a healthy body. I will list the books below this blog.

I soaked upon these audiobooks for several months and then decided that I would start running again. I haven't run far for over six years because my knees began to give out, and I fell over in the street, which was very embarrassing! After all these years, I am still waiting on the NHS for a knee replacement. I could hear and felt the grinding bone upon bone, so I stopped running and stopped walking fast as well. However, I did continue to work out in my little mini gym at home.

My Body Workout But I felt that the pains in my legs are so severe it's going to take something severe to stop them. So, I prayed and asked God for healing, but like everything, sometimes we need to get to the cause of this problem to cure it. I knew that I had nerve pain that affected my muscles. Nerve pain is there because the nerves are damaged in some way. Or the connection between my brain and nerves aren’t syncing. Whatever, which one was the cause, I had to do something to increase my blood circulation to help my nerves to heal.

I never do anything by halves, so I set myself defiantly against the pain by creating a running program, and I am now steadily following that program.

It was hard to get started and still is. My legs felt like lead as I dragged them around, making the poor things run. But, by the end of the first week, the pain in my legs, arms and hips subsided; I no longer did need painkillers during the day. My Diet Workout I am now well into the second week and finding that I can sleep all night without being aggravated awake by intense pain. I also researched about the nerves and revised from my past experience, that our nerves are protected by the myelin sheath. The sheath is feed by vitamin B12. So, I wondered whether I was not getting enough vitamin B12; indeed, the other Bs' to feed my nerves, so I reviewed my diet.

I discovered that my vitamin B12 reserves were low, and one of the symptoms of vitamin B 12 deficiency is weakness and tingling in arms and fingers and pains in legs and hips, which is precisely what I have had. I would get leg muscle cramps also, so I looked up the effects of magnesium and potassium on the body. A lack of these essential minerals results in muscle cramps.

Do Something Positive So I purchased vitamin B12 drops and magnesium and potassium liquid because the liquid is more readily absorbed into the intestines.

It's still early days, but I'm feeling much better. I look forward to my runs three times a week and other workouts each day. I run in an area where nobody can see me because I'm so self-conscious about not running like I once did. Now I kind of hobble along, but as I re-gain my running confidence and get into the swing of things I will get better at it.

I Still hear my knees grinding, and they still hurt, but I get my heart beating really fast and pick my legs up and am finding that my legs don't feel so heavy anymore, and the pain is a lot less.

Keep On, Keeping On! It is still a struggle, but as I keep my mindset and affirmations positive, I will gain the strength of mind and body. Set Your Health Goals I want good health, so that means that I have to do something to achieve that goal. If I do nothing, I will achieve nothing. I have set my goals because I need to be healthy to continue to help and serve others in various ways. Your Thoughts have Power. And this is where mindfulness comes in as well. However, we only can have a mindfulness lifestyle if we change our mindset. Our thoughts are powerful things, and the Bible tells us that we will become what we believe. Indeed, neuroscientists have discovered this truth in more recent years. And this is why having a mindfulness lifestyle is essential for holistic well-being.

I am advocating a lifestyle of mindfulness living which means that your attention is in the NOW. It means giving your full attention to the thing that is before you, and God within you. This helps to heal your brain, heal your emotions and body. Mindfulness enables you to control your thoughts, giving you happiness and appreciation of what you're doing right then and right now.

Time goes quickly- you will never have this day again, so enjoy it, be mindful within it. Focus is the Key The opposite of mindfulness is hurrying, constantly pushing to get to the next thing to be done. The opposite to mindfulness is failing to focus on and appreciating what is right in front of you. Create a Gratitude Attitude And so, when I run or do my work workout in my mini gym in my home, I am mindful of that moment. I concentrate on my body, how it feels and how I want it to feel, and visualise my body being strong and well again. Then, I give thanks for my surroundings and joy in it all. Share What You Know There is so much more that I want to share with you on mindfulness, that’s why I am working on a new book. My goals are to bring hope, joy, and love to you by encouraging you to live a better lifestyle for your own happiness and well-being.

If you are not happy with what you have, you can change it by changing your mindset. I hope you've enjoyed this blog. Please come back here as I post regularly. Within the next few months, I will be starting a brand-new YouTube channel about personal growth and lifestyle design through mindful living. Check out my menu bar above; there, you'll find the online courses about mindfulness masterclass that will help you begin your mindfulness journey. I hope you've enjoyed this blog. Please come back here as I post regularly. Within the next few months, I will be starting a brand-new YouTube channel about personal growth and lifestyle design through mindful living.

Check out my menu bar above; there, you'll find the online courses about mindfulness masterclass that will help you begin your mindfulness journey.

Remember be the special person that you are, Your Best Life is Yet to Come! Thank you for visiting me here, and we hope to see you soon.

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