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20 tips on How to Stop Overeating & Improve Health.

As you know, I am a big fan of Mindfulness. The reason why is that the consistent practice of Mindfulness brings to our Mind, Body & Spirit peace, health and wellbeing.

When you enjoy your food and are at peace when you eat, it aids your digestion and assimilation of your food, therefore crucial to your overall health - this is why Mindfulness comes into play.

Mindfulness is also a great practice to stop you from overeating. This works when you get into the habit of the sensations in your mouth, throat and stomach. In this post, I will give you a few tips on how to eat Mindfully. If you are following me, you will know that this is not the whole story, of course, but a snippet from my new book about Holistic Living, which features Mindfulness and issues around mental health, that I am in the process of writing. It will be published and made available to you later in the year – so keep a lookout for that! WELL-HABITS If you are busy like me, you may tend to eat on the go. We grab a bite or two wherever we can. Without thinking about it, we eat in our cars, at our desks, walking up the street or in front of the telly, and before you know it, we have polished off far more than we should have! We lament at our growing waistline or that sickly feeling that comes with overeating. Overeating may become a habit but is not an ideal approach to eating and may cause digestive problems. To eat mindfully, we need to develop god Well- Habits as I call them. When we develop the habit of eating mindfully, it will just come naturally without any deliberate effort. The well- habit of tuning in to all the sensations while eating will make it a more meaningful experience and be healthier for you in the long run. Develop the habit to become aware of your bodily sensations when you are hungry and the right time to stop feeling that hunger. It’s a habit

to be developed for you to become aware when you feel satisfied and had enough to eat. Practice the following exercise in a place where it is unlikely that you will get interrupted. TIPS

  1. Find a quiet space and make it enjoyable.

  2. Put your food on excellent dishes.

  3. Use good cutlery you enjoy using.

  4. Sit down in front of your food and take several deep breaths.

  5. Notice the colour.

  6. Notice the shape of the food.

  7. Notice the texture - is it appealing to you?

  8. Ask yourself, how does it smell?

  9. Notice how the food makes you feel (excited, reminiscent, happy or anxious -other).

  10. Notice these things as you begin eating.

  11. Slow down, Don’t rush to eat- take it slow.

  12. Move your hand slowly toward the cutlery, being mindful of tips 1-8.

  13. Begin to eat Mindfully.

  14. Watch your hand move the utensil toward your mouth, becoming aware of the smell and notice if you start to salivate.

  15. Notice how your body reacts to the food near your mouth, and notice your teeth chewing the food.

  16. Ask yourself, how is the food positioned in my mouth? Begin chewing slowly. What are the sensations in your mouth, on your tongue?

  17. Notice what tastes you are experiencing -such as salty, sour, and sweet?

  18. When you swallow, become aware of the movement of your throat, and try to become aware of the food entering your stomach.

  19. Ask yourself, can I feel it in my stomach? Is it empty, complete, or somewhere in between?

  20. Notice when your stomach begins to feel full.

Continue to eat the meal this way, noticing as many sensations as you can. Thank you for visiting me here and being part of the community Moon Rose Mindfulness is a community for women courageously learning to create an independent, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle. If this post was helpful to you, I would love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact me if you need support or share any thoughts you may have. I look forward to your next visit here and remember. Your Best Life is Yet to Come!

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