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How to Reduce Anxiety : easy steps to help you to Breathe Mindfully

Below this article, I have made a video about breathing mindfully and how to do it -take a look after reading this. Great to have you back to my blog, and if you are new here welcome, I'm Paula. I help you live life on purpose mindfully to achieve success and happiness for your mind, body, and soul. So read till the end, and we will do together a short exercise that will help you with mindful breathing, and remember to subscribe, Like and share this blog.

Mindful Breathing

This is the one you want to learn today and maintain. When I trained as a nurse, I learnt that the easiest way to determine your breathing pattern is to put one hand on your upper abdomen near the waist and the other in the middle of your chest.

As you breathe, notice which hand raises the most. If you're breathing correctly, your abdomen should expand and contract with each breath, and the hand on it should raise the most.

If you can stop and pause, it's vital to be aware of these differences during stressful times.

Here is a short exercise that will help you with mindful breathing

Mindful breathing The primary goal of mindful breathing is simply a calm, nonjudging awareness, allowing thoughts and feelings to come and go without getting caught up in them. If you are new to Mindfulness, I have a link down below outlining that for you. Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on your breathing and bringing your attention to the present. This is done without allowing your mind to drift off to the past or future – Just be- be in the now.

Now, Choose a calming focus, which may include a sound, positive word "peace" for example, or phrase "Just breathe" to repeat silently as you inhale or exhale. You may want to focus on an object or candle to help you focus now.

(picture of a candle)

  • Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed and your spine reasonably straight.

  • Bring your attention to your breathing.

  • When you notice your mind has drifted, take a deep breath and gently return your attention to the present.

  • Enjoy the feeling of the air passing in and out of your lungs.

  • Notice how it feels in your nasal passages.

  • Notice how alert your mind feels.

  • Notice the sounds around you……

  • Notice your mind becoming more alert.

  • You don't have to follow those thoughts or feelings, don't judge yourself for having them or analyse them in any way. It's okay for the thoughts to be there. Just notice those thoughts and let them drift on by, bringing your attention back to your breathing. No matter how many times this happens, just keep bringing your attention back to your breathing.

Be careful not to hyperventilate…

  • Imagine that you have a balloon in your tummy. Every time you breathe in, the balloon inflates. Each time you breathe out, the balloon deflates. Notice the sensations in your abdomen as the balloon inflates and deflates. Your abdomen rising with the in-breath and falling with the out-breath.

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I would love to hear if you and how you got on with Mindfulness breathing.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog. Please come back here as I post regularly. Within the next few months, I will be starting a YouTube channel about personal growth and lifestyle design through mindful living.

Check out my menu bar above; there, you'll find the online courses about mindfulness masterclass that will help you begin your mindfulness journey.

Remember, grow to be the unique person you are. Your Best Life is Yet to Come!

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