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How Visualization works using a Vision Board to Achieve Your Goals

Visualization is a mindful Well-Habit for a better mental health.I think people get hung up on the idea of visualisation when they overthink it or worry they’re doing it wrong. But here's the thing, we all do the visualisation without realising it.

Make no mistake, visualisation is not just another fad. Instead, it is a scientific practice, and biblical practice and the best part is that it really works! For example, I use visualisation with prayer, and I’ve seen excellent results.

Have you had the experience of imagining a scenario, good or bad, and when it happens, you declared - ‘I told you it would happen, I just knew it!’

Visualisation is accurate and part of our natural human existence. Visualisation is a simple, mindful practice to help you to clarify your intention.

I won’t go into specific detail here. That grist for my next book; however, visualise yourself already having it if you want something. Do the following if you need a little help getting started.

Vision Board Power

It’s a good idea to create a vision board to inspire your visualisation. Place images and slogans on your board that represent your goals. Ask yourself…. What do I want? What am I called to? What do I want to achieve? – in the next couple of weeks/months/years.

Place anything that corresponds to your vision on that board. You don’t have to create something elaborate or fancy the simpler, the better. Keep it simple, you need to be able to see clearly at a glance precisely what is on that board. You don’t want any clutter.

How to Use a Vision Board

Now, you have created your vision board clear your mind and focus on your vision board and intentionally feel that you already have those things. Imagine them in your life imagine enjoying them. Imagine it until it becomes natural. Until your sense heightens and you participate with smell, taste and even touch. Do this consistently for at least 10mins each day (you can do more) until your reach those goals.

If you listen to your instinct and allow your subconscious to guide you, eventually, your goals will become a reality. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? However, it is work. You must show up at your board daily and do your visualisation thing- faithfully- constantly seriously for it to work for you. (Matthew 21:22).

Why Visualization Works

Visualisation is an well-known technique used by professionals and athletes for years. A standard part of sports training includes visualisation. Athletes imagine themselves going through the motions, hitting the ball, kicking the goal, getting a hole in one. Their brain conceives it, and through the nervous system, their body side with the thoughts to make it happen. In fact, visualisation is so powerful that researchers found that it has the same effect as physical practice.

Everybody can benefit and use visualisation to bring about more of what you want and need. When you create a space for your desires, prioritise them and work steadily toward them.

When you visualise the life you want, you set ourselves up for it to happen.

A vision board is nothing magical it is merely —a tool for your to use to remind yourself of your goals and keeps you focused because it is so easy to go off track. A vision board will keep your goals before your eyes all the time, keeping you on the way you want to go.

Go on- Create your Vision Board

On your vision board, you’ll put images of everything you want most in the world.

Then you’ll spend time visualising yourself getting what you want. Like an athlete pictures themselves scoring the goal, you’ll picture yourself accomplishing your own goals. As you see it happen, your path becomes clear.

God provides guides us along the path we need to take to get to what we desire. A vision board and practising visualisation give us the map to follow. Don’t worry about the ‘how’ that will unfold to you as you take a step forward. Visualisation is a way of shifting our mindset and readying us to achieve our goals.

Create your vision board to bring you the life you want to live, then the following tips.

· Say out loud positive daily affirmations over yourself and your day.

· Be Thankful- practice gratitude daily.

· Reflect on life and create good memories.

· Reframe negative thoughts into positive ones.

· Let go- stop worrying about things you can’t control.

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