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#9 How to be an Unstoppable Woman: Success Has No Age Limit.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

To be the unstoppable woman you want to be - stop fearing change.

When we talk about the successful woman, it looks very different to each person. I refer to success as women who live their lives meaningfully on their own terms, unapologetically.

If we look at ancient and recent history, we find so many fantastic over 50 women who have made a significant impact, changing the world for the better.

By 50, we realise that it’s normal for life to be full of change. Our attitude toward that change makes us either unstoppable, or the change will stop us. It is expected that Life changes as we mature -it’s not a bad thing. Research shows that we are hardwired to resist change, the unpredictable, preferring the status quo. Fear of change can affect us so much that it paralyses us from taking any action. Fear makes us remain dead-end, or toxic relationships keep us in careers we hate. Fear is our foe, not our friend.

I’m my book published on Amazon, Nothing Good About Grief:. In my book, I outline the effect of fear in detail and offer tips on how to overcome it. I have lived under one fear or another most of my life, leading to many dangerous situations. The original word for fear is deilia - which has overtones that are connected to evil.

Fear is ever with us and comes in many forms. It is universal in our culture; we are so familiar with the feeling of being afraid. For example, most people are comfortable with the feeling of being afraid when seeking thrills, and they turn over their hard-earned cash for the pleasure of being scared by riding roller coasters while screaming their hearts out. We go to the cinema to experience a spooky movie, and we really enjoy the feeling of fear. We get a thrill; we have cheated injury and death somehow. Fear has a variety of effects on our mind and body. We get a good adrenaline rush; we get high on fear. And it goes without saying that we need the benefits of a healthy fear which protects us from unnecessary danger. If we didn’t have this mechanism, we would be walking off cliffs just for the thrill of it!

But there are other kinds of fear that we don’t enjoy, like when we hear a newscast full of bad news, we begin to worry. We experience this fear all the time but can quickly become accustomed to it, to the point where we are desensitised. Reacting to fear can become a habit, stopping you from being unstoppable.

While change may seem frightening, it’s not as scary as living an unsatisfactory life. Many times, what’s holding us back from making essential changes in our mindset.

Are you telling yourself a storyline that is holding you back from embracing change?

If you are the one coming up with those ideas, you need to change the narrative. This is where coaching comes in. I mentor my clients to be comfortable with the transitions that change brings.

Trying to do it independently is possible but more difficult and a lot slower to get through. Coaching will reveal your hidden strengthens while learning new coping strategies. Also, joining a community of over 50 women is helpful, moving you forward to where you want to be. So, if you want to enquire with no obligation, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for visiting me here and being part of this new community!

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Coming up, I'll have a few videos on how to develop your mindfulness wellbeing journey.

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If this post was helpful to you, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me if you need support or share any thoughts you may have. I look forward to your next visit here and remember.

Your Best Life is Yet to Come!

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