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#8 Win, Win! How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage with the Power of NOW!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Carl Jung said that many problems are unsolvable, so they are merely outgrown.

As we mature, we see problems as they are and not how we FEEL they are. Sometimes we simply need to surrender to the situation and allow it to take its course.

The problem is that complete surrender is against our human nature. It is a natural reaction to flight or fight, which is about survival, not resignation. We have learned a little about how to resign ourselves to situations during the COVID lockdown period. An incentive was that if we breached the rules, hefty fines would ensue – here in the UK at least. We didn’t want to be locked down. We cried, prayed, complained, and got angry, but eventually, we resigned ourselves to the enviable and learned to live locked up like monks. Research shows that we form our identity and create our self-image in the first half of life by distinguishing ourselves from others. For example, we use dress, speech, or behaviours to display our uniqueness. We create an image like a container; we grow in it, defend, and argue why it’s the best, and many of us get stuck there. We see this visibility in older people who wear the same clothes, have the same haircuts, or speak and think the same as they did when teenagers. People cling to what they once were because it’s a private salvation container that eventually does fall apart; however, It is a false sense of protection and comfort. We think- if I remain the same as I was as a teenager, then I will never age. I can tell you how many men I have met that have said to me that he believed to be Peter Pan- and that was the late Michael Jackson belief of himself. I have met women who believe if they ‘think’ themselves young or apply a bit of plastic surgery, age will defy them. This is a no-win way to approach life because we do get old, sick, and eventually, die. Win, Win! If you want to win in life, make use of your age to your advantage. Live in the NOW. What do I mean? When we are in the second half of life, we have the time and space to become self-aware and honest. This is an advantage. With family off hand now, or maybe you’re in retirement, You should have more control over your time to work on what is important to you. It takes courage to learn to be self-aware. It takes trust and love for oneself to embark on this mysterious adventure of discovering who you are right now. As you age, you are changing. Who you were last year is not the person you are today. Unfortunately, fear is a dominant factor for keeping people stuck in who they used to be. Fear keeps people stuck in long-held memories of their youth that bring more sadness than joy. To indeed win in life is to live in the NOW. To win in life, accept who you and where you are now, with all its flaws. Living mindfully is to win your day. Living mindfully is to win your life back, not your old life, but the new one you always dreamed of. Mindfulness helps you to and enjoy and appreciate yourself as you age.

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Thank you for visiting me here and being part of this new community! Moon Rose Mindfulness is a community of women courageously learning to create an independent, meaningful, and healthy lifestyle. If this post helped you, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me if you need support or share any thoughts you may have. I look forward to your next visit here and remember. Your Best Life is Yet to Come!

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